• Fresh scallops, yellow-pepper pure, toasted Peruvian corn,
  • Crunchy breaded fish, served with a corn soft tortilla
  • Mexican guacamole with pico de gallo and Peruvian pepper Mix
  • Fresh scallops, rocoto pure, chalaquita onions
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About us

Our story begins before the pandemic started. Stations 28 was a different concept with great success, yet informal and had to come to an end when the pandemic started. We lost all our employees and had to shut down the restaurant for two months. During this time, we had to make a tough decision. Whether to close the restaurant completely or take a risk and change the restaurant.

We decided to take that risk and here we are. In the middle of that change trying to get ahead, creating a Mexican/Peruvian fusion cuisine that brings our two cultures together. Our style of tapas is very dynamic and interactive and allows everyone to enjoy our creations which are inspired by our families’ recipes that started with my grandmother. From our deserts to our homemade salsas, we started creating our plates with the best of our culture’s flavors and roots. My husband, Ruben, now is the head of the kitchen. He is passionate about everything he does, and passion makes everything go well. I created the pasta that everyone speaks of with a pear paste and Peruviana Maracuyá sauce. All of our creations are with Peruvian and Mexican supplies imported directly from those countries.

Between my husband and I, we have made all the changes to the restaurant, from the bathrooms to the interior decorations. We have put our heart and soul, and used our bare hands to make this change, all to make our customers feel at home. We have thought in every detail from the large glasses, the crockery, tables, lighting, and plants so each one of our customers enjoys the experience. We have put our lives on this new concept betting on us coming out as winners. We know that we will be accepted for what we have created because this concept came from love and conviction, which always comes out on top. We hope you will see that and appreciate the hard work that has gone into this concept. We love each word of encouragement from our customers. Each customers fills us with pride when they leave happy after they enter looking surprised at how beautiful this restaurant is.

To each one of you, that appreciate us and leave us with good wishes, we would like to thank you! It is because of you that we continue to move forward, and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart!